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LaMancha / Boer Goats

We have just a few La Mancha does. I love this breed. They are such sweet goats. When our children were young we milked our La Manchas as well as our children showed them in 4-H. We sold the goats when we moved to central Texas. I really missed having them around, so last spring I bought a couple of does. These girls provide great milk for your family as well as are wonderful companions. They love to be loved and love to be with me.

We have a nice little herd of goats. Most of from our original La Mancha does. They have been crossed on Boer and Spanish bucks and have produced our new little herd of girls. All will be bred to a Boer buck for kids in the spring.

This year 2015, we are keeping all the does, but next year we should have a good crop of babies to sell. Some will be all Boer, but most 3/4 to 1/2 Boer.

Some of the does.....

Dreamy Delights XT Sweet Gypsi (Daffodil)

This is Daffodil's doe.

Otarion Tupelo Tanisha (Tulip)

Sally, Blue Bonnet and Rose.
They are Tulipís triplet does.

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